Welcome to the first Summit on Tobacco Harm Reduction in Spain. During the last five years, ANESVAP (Spanish Association Supporting Vapers) and MOVE (Medical Organization Supporting Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes) have been tirelessly fighting to show our society, our health authorities, our government and all political parties, our medical societies, and the Spanish media as well, all the scientific evidence on Eliquid Vaporisers or Electronic Cigarettes. During all that time, the unawareness, misinformation and prejudices regarding everything related to these innovative products that drastically reduce the harm produced by smoking, have been clearly existing in our country. Being aware that these assume a revolution in Public Health in those leading countries in smoking prevention policies, plus a very significant drop in their smoking rates, we consider that we have an ethical and moral responsibility to disclose the debate that we all know has been taking place for years in Spain.

Both ANESVAP and MOVE have the profound will of bringing together, for the first time in Spain, some of the most prestigious and globally acclaimed experts in the science of Tobacco Harm Reduction, together with all those doctors, scientists, associations, health authorities, politicians and media that wish to, with the unique purpose of acquiring information and getting closer to each other and thus finding common topics.

We want to gather everyone together in a single, friendly, and collaborative event that should give us the opportunity to reasonably express our ideas and diverse points of view and why not, even being able to learn from others. After all, if there’s one thing that is absolutely clear is that we’re all in the same boat. We’re all committed to achieve the same goal, and that is saving lives and caring for people’s health, and most probably the best way to do it is by working together in the same direction. We will probably find out that there are many things that unite us, but these are still to be discovered.

This first Summit will be held in the exceptional framework of the city of Barcelona on the 19th of September, 2018. And what’s left to say? That we welcome all those who wish to attend with a truly touching ¡BIENVENIDOS! and with loads of enthusiasm.