ANESVAP is the one and only association of personal vaporisers consumers in the Spanish territory and also integrated in the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations, INNCO.

The Spanish Association of Personal Vaporisers Users (ANESVAP) is an organisation created to stand for the rights of every single person who’s legal age to use eliquid vaporisers to quit tobacco. The association also aims to spread truthful information about vaporisers and their correct use, analyse and propagate the different studies published on eliquid vaporisers and ensure a proper use and marketing of all products used for vaping, in the terms established in the rules that are pertinent for their labeling, packaging, distribution-marketing, as well as defending a free market.

We fight for our right to vape, being aware that for many of us vaping has saved our lives, based on the principle that “Harm Reduction is a Human Right” as endorsed by the World Health Organization. Our principles are based on a solid scientific evidence aimed on actions that protect both our health and the health of those around us.

At the same time, we try to defend vaping from the obstruction, mainly among the regulatory and media frameworks, of those groups who place their own economic benefits above the clear advantages that these devices contribute to Public Health, due to their enormous potential on reducing the damages caused by smoking.

ANESVAP is a non-profit association fully enrolled in the National Association Registry, being exclusively financed with the fees of its members and whose statement of accounts is made public during each General Assembly.
ANESVAP‘s statutes don’t admit any interference, whether economic or otherwise, from the Tobacco Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, or Tobacco Control.


MOVE is an international platform under Spanish coordination, developed by activists and Health Professionals from all over the world who defend Tobacco Harm Reduction. Because of the threatening indifference and censorship suffered by professionals who advocate for harm reduction in many countries, MOVE’s purpose is to carry out an exercise of freedom of speech by providing doctors, scientists, researchers and health professionals with everything they need to acquire the opportunity to publicly express their backing on Tobacco Harm Reduction as a Public Health tool.

One of MOVE’s main objectives is to submit all the scientific evidence on electronic cigarettes and Tobacco Harm Reduction to Health Professionals, Health Institutions, Politicians and the media from all around the globe , in order to generate an ethical and necessary social debate on the importance of these devices by potentially saving lives and ending the smoking epidemic.

In backing this initiative, the MOVE Declaration has been written by leading Scientists, Doctors and International Public Health Authorities, with the purpose of inviting all science and health professionals to support the Manifesto.

The misinformation spreaded about electronic cigarettes has caused some countries to misperceive their safety, quality and benefits. Many health professionals are not sure on what advice they should be giving their patients about these devices. Many health professionals have been reluctant to speak in public about Tobacco Harm Reduction. MOVE is a call to all those health professionals, in a free manner and with critical thought, to be informed about the scientific evidence on these devices, and about their value and importance in the final battle against the smoking epidemic.

MOVE is an international non-profit platform that receives no funding from any source and has no assets of any kind.